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Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

about me.....puguh kribo

ABOUT ME ..................

I’m Puguh Kribo, with bachelor degree of civil engineer (ST) and bachelor degree of law (SH), was born at Surabaya 33 years ago. Start to get interesting in learning guitar by listening to churchly music and learning from churchly guitarist at my local church named GSJA (Assembly of God Domination) Surabaya. Time goes by…. I got more interested in music and that was the beginning in learning guitar.

I was teenager at that time. While in school at SMPK YBPK Wiyung Surabaya, I started to play music in a band or a team with my friends who have the same interest in music. I, myself already know about rhythms very well. Started on that time, I loved to play music, my guitar in churches and on stages around my neighborhood, round west part of Surabaya.

From the year of 1995 until 2000, when I was studied at Untag 45 University at Surabaya, I get to more and a lot more of music, from the easy one to the very complicated one such as Yngwie, Van Hallen, Skid Row, White Lion, Pantera, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl jam, Edane, Boomerang, Power Metal, Halloween, Queen, Mr. Big, Deep Purple and many more. I was also taking music courses to sharpen my skills and my feeling in music by taking music course at Melodia Music School Surabaya than I continued the lesson at Yasmi Music School Surabaya (representative of Royal School of Music United Kingdom in Surabaya). For guitar scale, I learned by myself for almost 5 years after I has finished my study at university.

Based on that experience and a lot of study, I continued to develop my knowledge and skills in music. I like to have experience in songs, tried many music festival and parade on East Java, also followed quiet a lot music events.

But for almost 2 years my carrier in music was stopped because of others things. On the year of 2002 until 2008, I owned my own Music Studio named Zieltro at my house on Pumpungan Surabaya. The studio is next to Unitomo University Surabaya and near my campus (Untag 45 University Surabaya). And that time, I became guitar instructor specialist on melody at my studio.

On 2008-2009, I joined the Dean Guitars Contest on the internet by sending my video on www.deanguitars.com. I was the contestant with the higher polling for weeks, this contest is taken by people around the world. In the same time, I also produced my own VCD and sold it for more than 300 copies. It was contained about speed picking, alternate picking and picking improvisation (you can check the video on www.youtube.com by typing puguhsurabaya)

On January 2009 moved to Jakarta, became guitar instructor for electric and classic guitar in Trinity Music School at Pantai Indah Kapuk – North of Jakarta. Have carrier as guitar instructor in GMC (Global Music Centre) at West of Jakarta and on June 2009 joined GSI (Guitar School of Indonesia) at South of Jakarta.

On that year, I did some guitar clinic together with Melodia Jakarta to promote my self and help Melodia to promote their product. On November 2009, endorsement by Stranough Indonesia in term of friendship exclusive ( www.guitarmade.com ).

The list of workshops and clinics that I ever joins :

· Guitar clinic sponsored by PRS in Megah Musik - Glodok Mall at Central of Jakarta on January 7, 2009

· Guitar clinic sponsored by PRS with Budi Drive in Nuansa Musik – Pondoh Indah Mall at South of Jakarta on January 31, 2009

· Get involved in John Paul Ivan video clip on May 2009, the title is dancing with you

· Guitar clinic and workshop in Metroplitan and Cyber Mall at Bekasi – East of Jakarta on July 4, 2009

· Guitar clinic and workshop in GSI (Guitar School of Indonesia) on Sultan Iskandar Muda street no.18b – Arteri Pondoh Indah at South of Jakarta on July 11, 2009

· Guitar clinic and workshop together with Barry Likumahua, sponsored by LTD, in Mahajireh – Kelapa Gading at North of Jakarta on July 25, 2009

· Live performance with twin guitar for the first time in public together with Bagas K., sponsored by Stranough, in GSI (Guitar School of Indonesia) on Sultan Iskandar Muda street no.18b – Arteri Pondoh Indah at South of Jakarta on November 10, 2009 to celebrated Indonesia Heroic Day. The events itself called The Rock Day.

· Live performance with twin guitar, sponsored by Stranough at Lucky Square Bandung on December 31, 2009

· Rewarded by MURI (Museum Rekor Dunia, Indonesia) on February 3, 2010 as First Twin Guitar Legend in Indonesia for using both hands together in the same time category

· Live performance with twin guitar kribo the shredder band, at café bidz halengkir - South of Jakarta, on pebruari, 2010

· Live performance feat with don juan band at fx music jakarta on september 11, 2010

· Live performance with twin guitar kribo the shredder band, at the plaza semanggi jakarta with MSI (music school of Indonesia), on September 19, 2010

* live performance puguh kribo with fadil marthias at metal day guitar school of indonesia jakarta, on july 2010,

* live performance puguh kribo at GCI, nov 10th 2010, MSI sultan iskandar muda - jakarta

* live performance guest star puguh kribo at gramedia expo on nov, 14th 2010 surabaya

* live performance puguh kribo n tritorium band at japex on november, 19th 2010 jakarta

The history of using both hands for playing guitar :

I was inspired by Jimmy Hendrix. Especially, when I watched him plays his left-handed guitar. It was in the years of 2000-2001, I once tried but than give-up but when I tried again on the year of 2008 …….. I was surprise, I can do it and I develop my skills again, I tried to play with up-side-down string and others experiments …. Finally, I can played the twin guitar, not stop until that stage, I deg more of this twin guitar, more experiment more skills. I felt that something help my to arrange my movement while I’m playing, that’s why I enjoyed it very much. I tried with metronome from the lowest level until the hard one. I also have no problem in trying songs with the twin guitar. You can check the video of my learning progress and experiment in using twin guitar at you-tube.

“Don’t try this at home!”, he2xxxx... just start from the “zero level” he2xxxx….. just kidding……

Practice and patience…. That‘s make all happen J

Before my first public live performance on November 10, 2009; I practiced very hard to use the twin guitar (sponsored by Stranough) well in 2 weeks. I had practiced before, for more than 6 months with separates guitars. One more person than inspired to learn twin guitar is Michael Angelo Batio (you also can check his video on you-tube).

It is the moment, on February 3, 2010 I accepted my reward from MURI (Museum Rekor Dunia, Indonesia) as First Twin Guitar Legend in Indonesia for using both hands together in the same time category (pemain guitar twin menggunakan 2 tangan secara bersamaan). This reward was given by Walikota of Central of Jakarta Mrs. Prof.Dr.Hj.Sylviana Murni SH,Msi. It all happen in Mall of Indonesia (MOI) at West Boulevard street – North of Jakarta.

My regards for Indonesia……


Indonesian Speed Shredder 2009 & First Twin Guitar Legend in Indonesia 2010