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Senin, 04 Juli 2011

lagu "THE KRIBO & SHINING LOVE" di putar di radio annie armen san diego amerika serikat

RADIO ANNIE ARMEN memutar lagu the kribo dan shining love

di san diego tanggal 28-juni 2011, dan Puguh kribo sebagai pencipta lagu tersebut di wawancarai radio annie pada pukul 05.00 WIB atau 03.00 pm waktu pasific.

link interview :

Annie Armen Show Presents: Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 3

"MUSIC is an outburst of the soul." ~Frederick Delius

Annie Armen Show Presents
Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 3

Featured Guest Artists: Puguh Kribo (Indonesia) and Don Coleman (Canada)
When: Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Time: 3pm Pacfic | 6pm Eastern
Where: Annie Armen Show | World Talk Radio Channel

Published on: iTunes for the Annie Armen Show available on the go!
Direct Link to Audio Archive:
Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 3

: Prior to calling in, to ensure quality sound, please turn off your cell phones, lower the volume all the way down on your computers, and be sure you are in an area that is quiet to avoid any outside noise interferences. Also, it is preferable that you call in using a land line as opposed to using your cell phone or a cordless phone.
Thank you!

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #5: Puguh Kribo?
Puguh Kribo, originally born in Surabaya, is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He holds dual bachelor degrees -- One in civil engineering (ST) and the other in law (SH). Influenced by the spiritual tunes of church music growing up, he began pursuing his passion for music since the age of 9 years old, by learning to play the guitar. Today, he is an accomplished, award winning guitarist in Indonesia, endorsed byStranough Guitar. By day, Puguh is a guitar instructor at music school, and by vision, he is expanding on his dream and passion for music, not only as a respected musician, but also as an accomplished writer, arranger, and music director in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the recent, Puguh launched his new book, titled “Extreme Speed Picking”, and together with his band, Puguh Kribo and The Tritorium, he launched his new album called, "The Black Kraken" -- the first of many promising milestones ahead! http://puguhkribo.weebly.com/index.html

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #6: Don Coleman?

Don Coleman is a Canadian vocalist, songwriter, performer and AC/DC tribute vocalist whose original songs have received air play on broadcast radio in 126 countries. His songs have been acknowledged in writing by President Bill Clinton and HRH Prince William. Coleman's humanitarian efforts have raised thousands of dollars for many charities including the Canadian Cancer Society, The Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children. His song written for the charitable non-profit organization Moncton Headstart has been utilized by Headstart offices in California and Texas for the betterment of children and as an inspiration to members of the organization. He is a songwriter who has captured fans from around the world from all walks of life and musical tastes with his music that touches on many genres including; blues, adult contemporary, hard rock, bluegrass and country.http://www.humblevoice.com/doncoleman

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