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Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Puguh kribo tercatat sebagai artis laney Internasional

Puguh kribo menjadi salah satu wakil dari Indonesia yang menjadi artis Laney amps UK , dan pada saat ini dia di endorsed oleh laney IRT120H (head cabinet). http://www.laney.co.uk/artists/puguh-kribo

Puguh Kribo is widely known in Indonesia and is considered as one of the Indonesian Shred & Metal guitarists and as a pioneer of “twin guitar” (left and right handed playing simultaneouly). Currently , Puguh kribo has undeniably earned
himself a place among the bests in Indonesia .
As a guitar head master and composer curriculum at leading music schools, GRSB , and a contributor to various leading music magazines in Indonesia , Puguh Kribo specializes in speed picking technique “five skeleton picking”. He is also the author of a book of titled Extreme Speed Picking and as a guitar instructor for metal and rock style . Puguh also influenced by the likes of Yngwie J Malmsteen , Eddie Van Halen , Michael Angelo Batio , and John Petrucci . Puguh Kribo has also issued the first album with titled “ The Black Kraken “, and released many videos on youtube. Puguh kribo received recognition from the Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI ) in 2010 for the first twin guitar player in Indonesia . Puguh kribo and his band, Tritorium (progressive metal band), will release a new album in 2014. 
Official Website www.xhredder.com 
Twitter: @puguhkribo